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Home of the Fighting Fangirls

Fighting Game Fangirls Unite!

Fighting Game Fangirls Unite!
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Fighting game fangirls, this is your hour!

Too long have we had to put up with obnoxious fandoms full of annoying smelly elitist fanboys and stupid shallow fangirls who don't even play the games! Too long has our vigil been, waiting for like-minded gamer girls in fighting game fandoms to show themselves! Too long have girls who don't even play the games snapped up our doujinshi! Too long have guys assumed we don't know how to do anything but block!

Too long have we suffered in silence! Let us break free today!

This community exists for fangirling, general discussion of fighting games, and for posting fanart, fanfiction, or other fanworks (comics, winamp skins, icons, desktops, sims skins, etc). This community is het, slash/yaoi, and yuri-friendly.


  • No introductory posts. We're sure you're a nice person, but we still ask that you don't post only to introduce yourself. (Feel free to introduce yourself the first time you post about something, though.)

  • This is an English language community; therefore, all posts should make use of basic English spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Exceptions can be made if English is not your first language, but we find that most annoying people who write posts like "I think tihs gam it is so awesum!1 and I luv iori he is hott sum1 want to draw sth with him 4 me?" are native speakers.

  • Please use cut text if posting a fanfic or image, or a spoiler for any game. Also, post a warning if something contains adult content or is not work-safe.

  • Please don't join if you don't actually play fighting games. (You'd be surprised.)

  • Ads for auctions or sales will be deleted - but plugging a fighting game fandom-based site or community is fine.

  • No bashing on specific games and/or series, since someone in the community is almost certain to like what you hate and vice versa.

  • Please DO NOT post doujinshi scans or art that you did not draw yourself or don't have permission to post. Also, DO NOT steal from Japanese fanartists. Just because you can't read Japanese or they can't read English does not make it okay.

  • Yes, you are still very welcome to join even if you are the owner of a penis.
This community is moderated by angrybabble and fluffyduck. You have problem? You vant to take it outside? You vant to fisticuffs? Talk to them about it.