Electric Roses (thebellakat) wrote in bitch_fight,
Electric Roses

KOF: Maximum Impact 2 fans?

Any one here looking forward to MI2? I saw the link down the page, but that's changed now: http://game.snkplaymore.com/official/kof-mi2

Anyway, favorite characters? wanted unlockables? Personally, I want Whip, Ash and Elizabeth, although maybe Whip maybe a little improbable, I'm still hoping! I think they've done a great job with the graphics so far, and giving more unlockable characters will probably make it more entertaining than the last game, which lets face it, wasn't very in depth. It'll probably still be great to battle with, I'm hoping the fighting system will be much improved and the characters will look pretty damn awsome with some new moves :) if you don't know it yet, I recomend checking it out, the 2D game has a more detailed story than most fighters, if that appeals. The new MI2/2006 is set to have a better story layout too.
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