Whistling Dixie (lilykane) wrote in bitch_fight,
Whistling Dixie

Since we're doing the JAMMA/AM show thing.

OMG, TEKKEN 5 (again)!

...And before anyone else says "OMG, THEY ARE SO BITING OFF SEGA AGAIN!!!!11", plus keep in mind that Tekken 2 had several arcade versions--as did Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II--before hitting home consoles. VF4 was not the first fighting game to do this. I think that honor goes to Street Fighter II :P

Not sure if I dig the new characters though. Okay, actually I like the look of Dragunov, even though he is like the bastard love child of Heidern and Edward Scissorhands. The vids of him are VICIOUS. Lili, however, seems like....another Anna. As an Anna fan, I would be happy, but uh, Anna seriously sucks in T5 and T5.1.
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