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Who Will Be Crowned G4's Video Game Vixen???


I'm anxious to find out. They're was some good choice's.(^_^) I'm going with Tina, or Kasumi...but everyone of the vixens stands a good 50-50% chance of winning.

Video Game Vixens! Tuesday at 10:30 on G4tv.

THE WINNER IS..........TINA!!!!!!! :D

D.O.A. 3, Ultimate, &, Extreme Beach picks up the win. Is this a victory, or an upset? (0_o) Well anyhow I'm very satisfied with the results. I was behind her all the way, and I think it's great that Tina finally has her time to shine. Too bad about Kasumi though. Oh, well. There is always next year. I thought that Rayne could have been a potential threat but I guess I was wrong. YEAH TINA RULES!!! They left out a lot of Vixens I've noticed. I hope they include them next year. Until then I'm going to just throw some out there.

1.Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/KOF)
2.Orchid (Killer Instinct)
3.Jenny the bat (Bloody Roar)
4.Blaze Fieldings (Streets Of Rage)
5.Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)

Those were some of the vixens I wanted to see. But, oh well, satisfied or not, it was a pretty cool contest and next year will be even be better. Until then take care everybody.
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