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Hi [26 Nov 2006|10:04pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm a new chick, just introducing my self! :]

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KOF RPG [25 Jul 2006|02:17pm]

Fighting game RPG seeking for active players!!


Although the main event is the King of Fighters tournament, it's actually a crossover of many different fighting videogames, so we accept characters from games like King of Fighters (and related), Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, etc...

Plenty of free characters (if you're interested in one who is already taken, don't hesitate to ask, since there are several players who have left and we're still checking and clearing inactive character profiles)

You're welcome to join as long as you stay active, participate and help us keep this game alive!! ^_^

X-posted in... too many places (sorry about the spam!)
2dfighterfans, bitch_fight, fatal_fury, kingoffighters, neogeofreak, snkplaymore, versus101
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SSF2T [16 Apr 2006|05:05pm]

Greetings World Warriors!Collapse )

Anyone got any Super Street Fighter 2 - Turbo MP3's? I'm looking for Cammy's & Zangief's theme. It would be great if I could also get the Hyper Street Fighter ones.
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One of our better interviews [01 Apr 2006|05:33am]

Enjoy peeps, its a long read but well worth it: http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3149135&did=1
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KOF: Maximum Impact 2 fans? [29 Mar 2006|08:58pm]

Any one here looking forward to MI2? I saw the link down the page, but that's changed now: http://game.snkplaymore.com/official/kof-mi2

Anyway, favorite characters? wanted unlockables? Personally, I want Whip, Ash and Elizabeth, although maybe Whip maybe a little improbable, I'm still hoping! I think they've done a great job with the graphics so far, and giving more unlockable characters will probably make it more entertaining than the last game, which lets face it, wasn't very in depth. It'll probably still be great to battle with, I'm hoping the fighting system will be much improved and the characters will look pretty damn awsome with some new moves :) if you don't know it yet, I recomend checking it out, the 2D game has a more detailed story than most fighters, if that appeals. The new MI2/2006 is set to have a better story layout too.
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Dead or Alive 4 Online Tournament [09 Mar 2006|03:37pm]


the DOATEC.com forums will be hosting an online Dead or Alive 4 tournament on Saturday March 11.

6:00 pm western
7:00 pm mountain
8:00 pm central
9:00 pm eastern

Type: Single
Mode: Tournament
Rounds: 3
Time Limit: 99 sec
Life Gauge: Largest

Random Stage only
No Tengu

(Note: Some of the above information is subject to change.)

Tourny Thread
My GT: janejana

Players of all skill levels are welcome!
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[03 Mar 2006|05:25pm]

[ mood | Life Is Great. ]

Greetings Fight Fans!Collapse )

These ones are outta my LJ thought you guys might be interested in the these entrys.

Sailor Uranus Vs. Terry Bogard=Sailor Uranus WIN!

Sakura Triple Threat=CC Sakura WIN!

NOIR Vs. Gunsmith Cats=NOIR WIN!

Kiddy Battle=Pikachu WIN!


Who takes the win on Cell Vs. Cyber Akuma?

Oh and the Sakura one is still opened for votes. (;))

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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon [12 Feb 2006|02:03pm]

If anyone is interested, click here for info about MK: Armageddon.
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Since we're doing the JAMMA/AM show thing. [03 Sep 2005|12:43am]

OMG, TEKKEN 5 (again)!

...And before anyone else says "OMG, THEY ARE SO BITING OFF SEGA AGAIN!!!!11", plus keep in mind that Tekken 2 had several arcade versions--as did Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II--before hitting home consoles. VF4 was not the first fighting game to do this. I think that honor goes to Street Fighter II :P

Not sure if I dig the new characters though. Okay, actually I like the look of Dragunov, even though he is like the bastard love child of Heidern and Edward Scissorhands. The vids of him are VICIOUS. Lili, however, seems like....another Anna. As an Anna fan, I would be happy, but uh, Anna seriously sucks in T5 and T5.1.
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Virtua Fighter 5! [01 Sep 2005|04:06pm]

1up coverage

Complete with footage from the show floor. Let's hope Sega themselves put up a higher-res video soon...

vaneluv <3 <3 <3
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[25 Jul 2005|03:39am]

hyakuretsukyaku! Who else can't wait for Soul Calibur III??

My name is Amy, I'm new.
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Who Will Be Crowned G4's Video Game Vixen??? [26 Jun 2005|06:17pm]

[ mood | I Feel Like, Whatever. ]


I'm anxious to find out. They're was some good choice's.(^_^) I'm going with Tina, or Kasumi...but everyone of the vixens stands a good 50-50% chance of winning.

Video Game Vixens! Tuesday at 10:30 on G4tv.

THE WINNER IS..........TINA!!!!!!! :D

D.O.A. 3, Ultimate, &, Extreme Beach picks up the win. Is this a victory, or an upset? (0_o) Well anyhow I'm very satisfied with the results. I was behind her all the way, and I think it's great that Tina finally has her time to shine. Too bad about Kasumi though. Oh, well. There is always next year. I thought that Rayne could have been a potential threat but I guess I was wrong. YEAH TINA RULES!!! They left out a lot of Vixens I've noticed. I hope they include them next year. Until then I'm going to just throw some out there.

1.Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/KOF)
2.Orchid (Killer Instinct)
3.Jenny the bat (Bloody Roar)
4.Blaze Fieldings (Streets Of Rage)
5.Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)

Those were some of the vixens I wanted to see. But, oh well, satisfied or not, it was a pretty cool contest and next year will be even be better. Until then take care everybody.

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Mod post of modliness [18 Jun 2005|11:16am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Okay, it's very cute that we get so much attention from anonymous posters and non-members, but I'm seeing patterns in the replies. And none of them are what we want to see here.

All anonymous and non-member replies are now screened. All replies are IP logged. To all members, if someone posts a truly baseless insult on one of your threads, please freeze the thread, or delete the comment and mark it as spam. I'll be sweeping threads from time to time as well.

Thank you for joining bitch_fight and we hope the new settings clean the place up a bit! :D

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Yes, I Am A Boy With A Pee-Pee... :( [17 Jun 2005|10:48am]

BUT, I come bearing gifts!

KOS-MOS * Ryu * Rockman&Roll-chan!

Join the community! ;D (PLEASE credit if you like any of the icons listed in our community to namcoxcapcom! Thanks!)


P. S. Or, just join! ;D
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The inevitable post in which I dork out over Fighting Vipers [08 May 2005|12:12am]

x-posted to my LJ.

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Tekken 5 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 New Jersey Touraments [06 May 2005|07:23am]

This weekend at We've Got Freakin' Video Games we've got-

Tekken 5
Saturday May 7th
start 6pm
Entry Fee $5
Grand prize store credit (to feed your video game addiction)
The more people who play the higher the prize!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is our main event for
Sunday May 8th
start 4pm
Entry fee $5
Every person who enters gets a free piece of pizza and a soda
the Grand prize winner will recieve a set of dog tags with their name and the tournament they won, as well as Store credit (to feed that video game addiction)- the more people who play the higher the credit!

We've Got Freakin' Video Games
116 Flock Road
Hamilton NJ 08619
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Banners... [30 Mar 2005|12:00pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I was wondering if your site had any banners... I'd like to advertise this community in my new community. I made a big and mini banner just as a suggestion:
click to see the banners I pieced togetherCollapse )

If you already have a banner or maybe other people want to make one (probably a lot better than what I could do) for this community, I'd love to get my hands on a copy so I can put it up on the capcom_gals's info page.

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TOURNEY IS LIVE [20 Mar 2005|10:00pm]


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Favorite Tekken characters? [20 Mar 2005|11:38am]

I just got Tekken 5 and I think its great! If you haven't played it yet, go check it out! Anyway, I was wondering who your favorite Tekken characters were. Mine are Nina, Juliea, Jin, Kazuya, and Brian.
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x-posted to my LJ [18 Mar 2005|05:55pm]

Japan's national VF4 tourney, Kakutou Shinseiki III, will be broadcast late Sunday evening. If you're curious to see just what VF4 in Japan is all about, this is a must-watch... both to see the highest-level play in the country and to see what VF culture overseas is like. I'll post the URL's location here as soon as I know what it is.

I'm rooting for Kashin. Keep it real and reprezent the Vanessa underground, brutha.

In other AM2-related news, video of the PS2 Fighting Vipers port is out. Seeing as how I love series to death, I went to check it out. It's very, very promising. I can't tell the quality of the resolution and textures so well from the small clip, but it looks OK so far. All the 3D backgrounds are in, all the armor crushing effects are in full display, the plane and helicopter are still flying... lookin' good.

Hey, it's still got all the Pepsi advertising, too! (O_O)

It's even harder to judge the gameplay, but it looks dead-on. Even if the graphics don't turn out exactly right, the fact that it both looks better than the Saturn version and plays like the original arcade version is worth a purchase. When you've spent enough time with the arcade original, the Saturn version feels like a different beast altogether.

Of course, if the gameplay isn't changed, we'll still have the major character tiering and heavy-damage exploits in there. (Bahn is too strong, and Jane is really overpowered) As much as I rag on SC2 for its bugs and exploits, I'll be the first to admit that both VF2 and FV had plenty of them. Supposedly Jane and Grace have an infinite combo, too, but I couldn't get any of the JP FV crew to divulge how to do it. It's so nasty it's forbidden knowledge, apparently.

In any case, April's going to be a gooooooooooood month.
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